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Cargoload-Robot –
Module for Integration in Flow Control

Cargoload-Robot is a software module, that was derived from the Cargoload algorithm, for palletizing and order picking with robotic arms. Based on package data (numbers and dimensions) and container data (such as pallet information), this software module provides automatic calculation of the positioning of packages on pallets to be loaded, or on any other type of cargo carrier.

In this way the required 3D locational coordinates for each package are automati-
cally available to the picking robot. Thus, the exact location of each package to achieve optimum usage of the storage room can be determined and provided to the loading equipment.

Along with spacing coordinates, Cargoload-Robot also gives an index of the loading order for each package. This takes into consideration which side of each pallet is within reach of the robot. Therefore Cargoload-Robot is prepared to deliver solutions for heterogeneous loading scenarios (i.e., large numbers of packages with markedly different dimensions). This means that the dimensions of packages to be loaded and their numbers do not necessarily have to be designed in such a way that a homogeneously arranged layer, each being at the same height, is the result. If a homogeneous layer of packages to be loaded is not mathematically possible to calculate, Cargoload-Robot will then automatically generate a heterogeneous loading of the cargo unit (without individual layers), always under the premise of optimum utilization of available cargo space.

Such computer-supported optimization of the cargo space through optimum cargo carrier loading formation is a deciding prequisite for an automated flow of materials, as well as for a resulting significant reduction in transport costs in logistics.

The author of the Cargoload software has a great interest in project partnerships with logistics systems suppliers ("material handling integrators"). Cargoload-Robot may always be customized to meet specific project requirements. In collaboration with the project management company, i.e. the system integrator, Cargoload-
is additionally available in the form of a module file that is integratable into control software (black box). The byte format of the input and output interfaces of this module is based upon the instructions of the purchasing client, defined and realized on an individual project basis.

Integration of the software into picking control / palletizing with robotics