The Low-Cost Software for all Stowage Optimization Variants - Enhancement in transport, warehouse management, picking and palletization - load data for palletizer robots

Product Description

Here is an impressive number: there are more than 3.6 million available options when arranging a stack of only ten packages over an unchanged amount of space. Yet, these options become by far more complex in a free space with shifting arrangements of packages of differing sizes and larger numbers of units to be loaded. In the face of all these dimensions, can a loading packer have an optimum sense of proportion when using visual judgement ? Hardly ! This is where Cargoload comes in.

Cargoload software puts a powerful IT tool into the hands of the freight forwarder. With this tool he can optimize his transport capacity, thereby saving considerably on expenses. When asking the question "How do I best load each of my individual packages ?", a computer with the appro-
priate calculation software is undeniably superior in every respect to a person in the search for maximum storage space optimization.

An investment in software that produces storage space optimization is
in many cases worthwhile. For example, when a shipper loads 10 000 pallets in one year with an average of 49 packages each, but through
a software-based optimization is able to add one package onto every pallet, this alone saves 200 pallets of shipments. Normally this would
mean at least 6 truckloads !

The market for storage space optimization software is clear, yet one fact about this market is also readily apparent: the software products offered
to it are all quite costly to purchase, making them hardly affordable for small to medium-sized freight forwarders.
Reducing transportation costs by optimized and intelligent use of loading units
Calculation of truck loadings with pallets and other carriers

Still, even the freight carriers in these market segments
are locked into an era of distance-based truck tolls on the motorways, working wherever they can to optimize and save on costs in any way possible. With Cargoload, these smaller shipping companies are now offered an especially inexpensive alternative to what is already available to the major transportation firms, in order for them to also be able to optimize their loading rooms using a
state-of-the-art PC software.

In comparison to its competitors, Cargoload is very manageable in its perfor-
mance features and easy to understand. During the design of this software a deliberate effort was made to avoid "additional, unnecessary bells and whistles"
in its functionality, in favor of clarity and ease of learning.

See more about the functional uses of Cargoload in the section Features.
In the section Calculation Examples, the various types of calculation options are demonstrated, based upon example schematic processes depicted graphically.